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Our man made carpets come in two types of fibre - Nylon and Polypropylene. Each carpet has its own benefits and ideal uses. Nylon is often classed as the king of man made fibres, now often having stain resistance built into the manufacturing process, as well as "bouncebackability" to stop unwanted flattening caused by heavy furniture. Polypropylene on the other hand boasts the greatest stain resistance, with most manufacturers hailing it as completely stain proof, making it perfect for areas such as living and dining rooms.

At Carpets Direct, we offer a wide range of man made carpets to compliment any room in your home. We source our man made carpets from a number of the UK's top manufacturers including to offer you the highest quality man made flooring in Kent.

We offer a range of colours, styles and sizes at affordable and competitive prices with our price match guarantee - if you find the same man made carpet somewhere else at a better price, we'll match it.