Designflooring: Inspiration


Choose a main colour and effect

Inspired By Wood:

Choose from a wide selection of planks, each featuring realistic grain and knot details and textures. There is a huge range of styles ideal to suit any room in the home.

Inspired By Stone:

Choose from a palette of natural beiges and browns to cool blues and greens. With tiles including marble, slate, terracotta and ceramic effects plus the Michelangelo range of mosaics, pebbles & metallics.

They offer a wide range of plank and tile sizes. 

1219mm x 228mm (48" x 9")

1219mm x 178mm (48" x 7")

915mm x 152mm (36" x 6")

915mm x 102mm (36" x 4")

915mm x 76mm (36" x 3")

228mm x 76mm (9" x 3")

406mm x 406mm (16" x 16")

Pre-assembled panel

915mm x 915mm

(36" x 36")

Pre- assembled

Random panel

152mm (6") x


457mm x 610mm (18" x 24")

457mm x 457mm (18" x 18")

305mm x 457mm (12" x 18")

406mm x 406mm (16" x 16")

305mm x 305mm (12" x 12")

Add A Design Strip


Once you have chosen your main floor colour, you have the option of adding a decorative strip.

Inspired By Wood:
Add a strip between wood planks to create an attractive ship's decking effect
Inspired By Stone:
It is highly recommended adding a narrow strip to a tile floor to create a natural grouting effect.

Design Strips

Available in three widths: 3mm, 5mm & 10mm. A palette of colours.

Grout Strips

Available in two widths: 3mm & 5mm. Available in 6 colours.


Add A Border

To personalise your floor even further or to help define the space, why not add a border?

Keyline Borders

Use single strips to define a space

Tramline Borders

Use a combination of strips to create more emphasis

Decorative Borders

Choose from a range of patterned borders designed specifically to complement your chosen floor.


Add a feature

With seven standard designs to choose from and the ability to design your own, a feature creates a focal point to your room.