Jacaranda offers 2 ways to have your chosen hand-woven rumade to measure. They can be manufactured at source or made to measure from UK broadloom stock.


Your choice has implications for the:

  • Textures you can choose

  • Edging or borders available

  • Backing of your rug

  • Delivery lead time

  • And lastly price.

You should choose to have your bespoke rug hand-woven at source if you want to recreate any of the designs from our hand-woven rugs range to your own dimensions.

Jacaranda can also hand-weave at source, rugs made from all the hand-woven broadloom carpet textures.

You should order your rug made-to-measure from UK broadloom stock if:

  • You would like to choose from Jacaranda’s leather, suede, cotton and linen border collection

  • You would like it blind hemmed

  • Timing is tight

  • You have chosen a texture from the machine made collection.

You can choose any of the textures from their selection of broadlooms. You then choose your ‘edging’ from Jacaranda’s selection of cotton, linen, leather or suede borders.

Alternatively you can ask Jacaranda to blind hem in tape, colour matched to your fabrics or furnishings.

Seville Wilton - Oatmeal with whipped edge. Yarn colour matched to pile

Simla - Oatmeal with blind hemmed edge. Tape colour matched to pile

Pebbles - Ivory rug, produced at source with hand-sewn edge

Sambur - Taupe with double border in Linen Salt & Mushroom

Chatapur - Zinc rug, produced at source with hand-sewn edge

JC1339 Chrysler Gold - from stock 

 Designed by Thomas Griem

JC2000 Patagonia Teal - from stock 

JC6736 Passion Flower - Bespoke

Bespoke Rugs

Jacaranda's Himalayan rugs are works of art, each hand knotted by craftsmen and completely individual. Their weavers use traditional Tibetan rug-making techniques brought by their parents and grandparents from the Himalayas from Tibet. 

Tibetan hand-knotting has important advantages:

- Quality. This is a traditional technique that creates rugs with the structure and density to withstand many years of use. The weavers knot with Chinese silk. Also with New Zealand wool and with hand-carded wool from the high plateux of Tibet, renowned for its long, strong fibres and naturally high lanolin content which increases the lustre of these rugs with wear. 

- Intricacy. Many of Jacarandas Himalayan rug designs are very simple by choice, but hand knotting lends itself to complex designs. 

- Flexibility. You can buy a rug from stock. Jacaranda can make your designs, or re create a design to your colour scheme and dimensions. They can colour match to fabrics, wall papers, paints or pantones.

- Individuality. At Jacaranda, they value the irregularity and slight quirkiness that can only be handmade. 

Jacaranda now stocks designs at 200x300cm and 250x350cm. These and the other designs can be ordered made to measure. 

Jacarandas bespoke Himalayan rugs can be whatever you want them to be. You design, choose the colour, choose the knot count, the type of yarn and the size. Perfectly personalised.

Himalayan Hand Knotted Rugs

Rampur - Eggshell with Doeskin Suede border

JC1344 Casablanca Dew - from stock 

 Designed by Thomas Griem

JC2001 Belleville Grey - from stock 

JC1375 Deco Pink - from stock 

 Designed by Thomas Griem