At Carpets Direct we offer free RugDoctor hire worth £22.95 with every £250 (or more) purchase with us. This is to be sure the other carpets in your home look as good as the new flooring. 

You'll receive a free 24 hour RugDoctor hire. Perfect to clean the rest of your carpets with and give your home a brand new look. 

The Rug Doctor not only deep cleans your carpet and removes tough dirt, marks and stains, but also treats your carpet with SpotBlock(R) to keep your carpets clean and stain repellent long after you've used the Rug Doctor.


Remember the nice smell, texture and look your carpets used to have when they were brand new? You can regain that 'as new' feel with the Rug Doctor.

If you would like to call and rent the Rugdoctor: You can rent for either 24 Hours at just £22.95 or 48 Hours at just £39.95

You'll need a form of identification to confirm your signature& to confirm your address when you come to pick up the Rug Doctor from our showroom, so be sure to bring this with you.