Underlay is an important aspect of fitting a new flooring solution in your home, and at Carpets Direct we make sure we use the best underlay for the job - whether it be for standard carpet fitting or a solid wood solution on top of underfloor heating, we'll always bring the right underlay for the job, and include it in your quote.


At Carpets Direct, we offer 3 types of underlay all at a different thickness. 


Keep Your Carpet At Its Best With The Perfect Underlay

Door Bars

Door bars, sometimes known as carpet trims and door thresholds, add that finishing touch between the same or different carpets between rooms.


We stock our door bars from Stairrods, one of the UK's leaders in stair rods and door bars, so you can rest assured that we can offer you a large and high quality range of products.

Stair rods, also known as carpet rods offer a classic and stylish look to carpet runners. These are used for decorative purposes.


We offer a wide range of stair rods including polished brass, blacksmith, Tudor, country rods and much more.

Stair Rods