Brontë Carpets are produced in a Lancashire mill in the UK. No carpet is stocked, all is made to order, meaning your carpet is 100% customised to your wants. Carpets can be made any width up to 12 metres squared with no seams, making them fantastic for very large rooms or “L” and “T” rooms. This also avoids waste and the need for extra cost while still providing you with the finest British quality.


Key features of the Brontë ranges: 
• 60 standard 100% Wool colours.
• 60 standard 80/20 Twist colours. 
• Carpets can also be custom dyed to any colour via our special dye service. 
• Carpets can be made any width up to 12m wide with no seams. 
• Textures include: Saxonies, Velvets, Shag Piles, Twists and Handcrafted borders.

100% Wool


These luxurious carpet styles will make any room feel relaxing and comfortable. Made from 100% pure new wool, the carpets are luxuriously soft and springy with superb bounce back qualities. Available in 11 different pile weights and in 60 standard colours or special dyes, all can be made to fit any width & made to plan.


Encapsulating comfort and beauty and made from 100% pure new wool with pile depths up to an amazing 40mm Bronte provide the best in high end quality wool shag pile carpets. Feeling the softness and depth of Bronte's longest pile carpet range, it is balanced with a long lasting durability and will withstand years of use. 100% wool shag piles are available in 6 different pile weights and 4 x 2 ply yarn qualities.

Classic Twist


With a variety of colours and weights, the Classic Twist range is a truly inspirational choice ideal for those areas with heavy traffic use.


The durability of the Classic Twist range means it can withstand even the toughest of tests. Created from a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, the Classic Twist provides exceptional quality combining softness and resilience whilst retaining its colour and feel so it will look like new for years to come. 


Classic Twists are available in 4 different pile weights and 60 standard colours or special dyes, any width & made to plan.


Shear Classic


Made with 100% pure New Zealand wool yarn this newly re launched range brings a touch of Bronte luxury to a loop pile product.

Using machinery exclusive to Bronte Carpets and manufactured in the UK, Shear Classic has a non-directional handmade appearance which is then hand sheared to give a random cut and loop finish.


Custom made in any width up to a maximum of 4.65 metres and dyed to match any colour you choose, our Shear Classic range offers enough flexibility to suit any home.


Available in 3 pile weights with suitability ranging from medium domestic to heavy domestic Shear Classic is suitable for most locations.