Over the years, Brintons has become synonymous with design, pattern & the highest quality wool. 


Designed and manufactured in the heart of the Midlands since the 18th Century, Brintons blends together a quintessential mix of individuality and originality. With an archive steeped in pattern & print history, the design team are well places to create the decorative carpets that Brintons has become renowned for. 


Wool from one in nine British sheep ends up in a Brintons Carpet. 

Carpet Shown: Bell Twist Pewter 2

Brintons Bell Twist


Bell Twist is the ultimate hard-wearing option without compromising on softness or warmth and remains tough enough for high traffic areas. Available in over 60 colours, from modern pastels to dark dramatic shades, Bell Twist is perfect for creating a cohesive look throughout the home. 


With Bell Twist, Brintons have created a colour palette that enables you to match or clash carpet with any other furniture or accessories in your interiors scheme. An enviable selection of taupe, stone, beige and brown shades through to dusky pinks, sage greens and daring reds makes it such a popular palette. There are also six timeless Laura Ashley shades. 



Some of our popular Bell Twist shades:

Sugared Almond


Dusky Rose



Carpet Shown: Laura Ashley Collection, Epsom Stripe Duck Egg

The Laura Ashley Collection

The classic style of a Laura Ashley interior is a perrenial favourite. Working closely with Laura Ashley, Brintons have developed a range that is the perfect mix of the brand's history and its modern outlook. 


The Laura Ashley collection brings a sense of romance to the interior, with statement design and a charming colour palette. This beautiful collection comprises 12 classic broadloom designs and four smart striped runners. These woven axminsters are created in 80 per cent wool, 20 per cent nylon.

Some of the Laura Ashley Collection swatches:

Daisy Amethyst

Calloway Amethyst

Epsom Stripe Amethyst


Soft Truffle


Duck Egg

Carpet Shown: Majestic Polished Silver

Majestic Collection


Majestic by name and by nature. Create opulence in your home with this collection of luxury hard-wearing carpets, which push the boundaries with a bold, striking colour palette. 


Soft shades of antique silk, mink and moon shadow longside deeper contemporary shades of chilli and marrakesh. The gleam of polished silver with the dark grey walls works beautifully with statement pieces such as lavish, gold furniture. 


With 12 divine colours to choose from, each room in your house can be transformed into the living space you have always dreamt of it being. 

Some of our favourite shades from the Majestic Collection:


Frosted Diamond




Carpet Shown: Timorous Beasties Platinum Grain du Bois

Timorous Beasties


Known for their beautiful, dramatic textiles and wallpapers, Timorous Beasties has designed a Brintons carpet collection. 


Delve a little deeper into the trend for natural beauty by looking closely at the subtle, natural textures and patterns that evolve organically in the world around us. This comes from wood grain, stone or marbled textures or the classical sweeps and curves inspired by flowers and foliage. 


The timorous beasties collection brings this trend to life through designs such as Atholl Gardens in gold or oyster and the Grain du Bois in both natural and deep shades. 

Ruskin Butterfly

Gold Atholl Gardens


Linen Damask

Midnight Grain du Bois

Carpet Shown: Padstow Surf Spot

The Padstow Collection


Fresh, modern and flexible, Padstow has patterns that feel completely different depending on the colourway you choose. Its patterns are inspired by pop art, with polka dots and geometrics. 


The palette meanwhile is influenced by the seaside, with soft, ice cream shades of blue, pink and spearmint, balanced by subtle greys. The variety of colours allows the designs to work in any room of the house, from living rooms to a childs bedroom.


The yummy ice cream influenced palette strikes just the right balance between sweet and stylish. 

Pebble Spot

Pebble Houndstooth

Candy Point

Pebble Gingham

Surf Point