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Rugs that come with a personal service. Rugs that sit quietly in front of the TV or rugs that beg for attention. Rugs that welcome you home. 


Whether they speak softly or shout loudly, Alternative's personalised rugs say more about you than your mum does. These are rugs with your personality woven in. 


Design your perfect rug in our Charing show room, with all of the advice and customer service you need. Once your patterns have been chosen, expect your customised rug within the next 2 weeks. 


They can handle unusual shapes, such as over 4 mitres/ corners or internal mitres (such as an ‘L’ shape), depending on the size and dimensions. They can also make circular rugs. 

Customised Rug Examples

Nothing says more about the Alternative Flooring ethos than their runners. They come packed with pattern in a crescendo of colour. In pre cut widths, they're specifically designed as runners - to shave costs to a minimum and wage war on wastage. 


Quirky, stripey, natural or plain, and mixing a hip range of styles with complementary edging, their runners dont stop at halls and stairs. They can be laid as carpet or rugs, or used as edging. There's serious fun to be had with these interior options. 


Runners come in standard widths of 66cms, except Quirky, which is 69cm width. The quirky runners are made in Britain on traditional Wilton looms, selling by the linear metre. Made from 80% wool/20% nylon fibre, there is nothing standard about the bold patterns. Choose from geometric diamonds, oversized spots, traditional tartan or zebra print!



The complete Alternative Flooring range is available to view and purchase in our Charing store. Be sure to pop in and chat about the quality and unique design. 


Measurements are free, with the very best customer service and product knowledge, we can help you create the quirkiest of rooms!