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Make an architectural statement with Alternative flooring's naturals collection. Choose from seagrass, sisal, coir and grasses. Invite a world of monsoon-grown husks into your home.

The Sisal Collection

Sisal's serenity blows in like a breeze off the Mexican Gulf. Versatile and hardwearing, its ideal for halls and stairs. Chunky sisals glow with multi-hued depth, while fine sisals are intricate and softly tactile. 



Other Sisal Patterns We Like:

Sisal Panama 

Sisal Bubbleweave Pewter

Sisal Basketweave

Sisal Hopscotch

Sisal Boucle

The Jute Collection

Hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and soft as Goan sand, jute's as natural and uplifting as golden sunshine. Soft and silken in tight bouclé or herringbone, it's ideal for relaxing rooms. Spread the serenity around like love and laughter.

Other Jute Patterns We Like:

Jute Boucle Natural

Jute Big Panama Brioche

Jute Big Boucle Crumpet

Jute Herringbone Natural

Jute Big Panama Pancake

The Coir Collection

Full of natural goodness, coir comes crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. Hearty and homely, rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile. Lay it wall-to-wall for a golden, multi-hued sense of wellbeing.

Other Coir Patterns We Like:

Coir Superior Natural With Sisal Weft

Coir Boucle Natural

Coir Herringbone Natural

Coir Herringbone Bleached

Coir Panama Natural

The Seagrass Collection

Grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. Effortlessly uplifting in relaxing rooms, seagrass weaves light into everyday life.

Other Seagrass Patterns We Like:

Seagrass Superior

Seagrass Buckingham Basketweave

Seagrass Natural

Sisal Super Boucle 

Jute Big Panama Waffle

Coir Boucle Bleached

Seagrass Fine Herringbone