Carpet Shown: Quirky B Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden

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The Quirky B Collection

There is nothing new about patterns. Historically, they have been used in decor and clothing simply to make something more interesting to look at. Consider historical palaces that have come adorned with geometric patterns. We have come full circle and now we are getting braver and bolder. We are wearing more prints, clashing them and integrating patterns and scales into our homes. 


Patterns give life, colour, richness and excitement to a room - and well used on the floor, they have the ability to ground a scheme in the way that a plain neutral carpet just cant touch. 


As well as the Quirky B Collection, Alternative Flooring teamed up with Liberty Fabrics to create an additional set of patterns combining the two great brands.


Both have a rich heritage of design and British manufacturing, they designed a new collection of iconic patterned carpets, the first time that Liberty patterns have been used for flooring. 

Carpet Shown: Quirky B Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden

Carpet Shown: Quirky B Cube Webb


Fair Isle 

Strawberry Meadow



Other Quirky B Patterns We Like:

The Eco Wool Collection

Feel the love as you spread ethical and environmentally friendly eco around your home. This is the ultimate understatement in undyed natural wool. 


Suitable for bedroom, dining room, stairs, lounge & home office, these stunning wool pieces can take the every day bustle of a family home, while maintaining a sense of togetherness. 

Other Eco Wool Patterns We Like:

Crafty Cross 

Barefoot Taj 

Barefoot Bikram 

Wool Pebble

Barefoot Ashtanga

Carpet Shown: Barefoot Marble Katni

The Chunky Wool Collection

The selection of wool carpets from Alternative Flooring are warm and welcoming. Each carpet is sophisticated with the skill to make each room feel as though you are pampering yourself. 


Wool carpets are suitable for: bedroom, dining room, stairs, lounge & home office, great for places that will need to be hardwearing. 

Other Chunky Wool Patterns We Like:

Wool Pinstripe

Wool Herringbone 

Wool Crafty Hound

Rock N Roll

Wool Knot

Carpet Shown: Wool Blocstripe Sable Bone Bloc


Wool Crafty

Wool Croft